How to deal with constant rescheduling

This week I was talking at Made in NY Media Center about Mindfulness and Meditation for entrepreneurs and creative people. We had a great evening and conversations!

My approach to this topic is wider and it's not only about meditation. The mindful living method I have created, and the practices I use and talk about, work with anyone and help people to flow gracefully from day to day more in the moments, grow they awareness (= not letting the ego-mind rule), feel more and tackle the obstacles along the way.

On Tuesday evening we talked about a couple of interesting topics people often find frustrating and creating extra stress.

One of them is constant canceling and rescheduling.

And the days when nothing just doesn’t work, and it feels like everything’s against you.

What to do when it feels everyone is flaky and rescheduling or canceling the meetings and destroying the plans you had committed yourself?

It can certainly make you feel that you are not that important, people don't value and prioritize you (ouch) or they just steal your time... This happens to all of us sometimes.

There're tons of reasons why things happen, and usually, we don't know exactly why, but there is always some kind of resistance behind it.

Instead of letting it ruin the rest of the day - there is a way to turn this moment of the obstacle into gold.

What I say to myself in these situations: maybe it happens later or the timing was not right. Or it just wasn't meant to be. Or maybe, it (the event, the case, the person) was not for me. Something better will come up.

This is how I let myself off the hook and stop wasting my energy for blaming others or myself but take responsibility on it.

We create life with tiny everyday choices.

Quite often when this happens, I remember a blink of intuition…My schedule had been full already. Usually, I had agreed on something in a hurry and hadn’t listened to myself, or I had tried to force things to happen.

Forcing creates resistance and pushes us out from our personal flow.

When it happens, stop to think about it.

The why’s, the reasons behind it, your effort and how you feel about it - where is that coming from?

And if you have a habit of re-scheduling and over-booking your calendar - habits can be changed. It doesn't feel good to cancel all the time either. It creates extra pressure and stress to everyone. Sometimes the reason of the ripple effect can be found from the mirror reflection.

Take the lessons and be mindful with your scheduling and with others. 

See the cancellation as a gift: how much more time it gave you rather than thinking why it happened again and why you... Align yourself and don't let the misery drown you. Do what you need and then - just move on.

It's a mindset and a choice, which helps you to save the rest of your day/week.

PLUS - Use the extra time for taking care of something that has been on your list. Like your wellbeing.Do something that makes you feel good! Have a coffee or take a massage. Take a moment by yourself: rest and digest. You deserve it, make the best out of the moment. All those other things will wait for you.

Do that what you remember yourself often saying ”I wish I would have time to do or be________________." Serve yourself and you'll be serving others.

Love, Jenni